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Bb. Glow Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist

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Bb. Glow Heat Shield Thermal Protection Mist

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This mist protects dried hair against heat tools (up to 450 degrees), repairs damage, and fortifies hair fibers to strengthen and help prevent breakage – for a healthy glow. Plus, it conditions and tames frizz; and revives hair between washes. Infused with Honey Protective Complex. glow.

Heat Protective, Strengthen, Prevent Breakage, Hydrate, De-Frizz, Healthy Glow

Density: all                                                       
Texture: all types, straight to wavy
Type: all — especially colored.

HOW TO USE Shake well. Before using hot tools, separate dried hair into sections – and apply 1-2 mists onto each section. Style.     
PRO TIPS:  1. Brush through each section after heat-styling, to break up hair.  2. On day 2, finish with Très Invisible Dry Shampoo.

INGREDIENTS Honey Protective Complex: conditions and helps improve elasticity.