Clearview Envelopes Set
Clearview Envelopes Set
Clearview Envelopes Set


Clearview Envelopes Set

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This colorful assortment of sizes and shapes corral clutter like no other. Whether you're storing pencils and pens, spare change, or hairpins, you'll love these packs' unmistakable perks. Their wipeable interior keeps them clean, while their clear sides allow for easy identification of the contents inside.


  • Clear sides to easily identify contents
  • Signature quilted accents
  • Wipeable interior
  • Material specially treated with water-repellent finish
  • Body/trim/lining 50% polyester fabric and 50% PVC

Small: 6.25"W x 5.25"H x 0.5"D
Medium: 7.25"W x 6.25"H x 0.5"D
Large: 8.75"W x 5.5"H x 0.5"D
X-Large: 9.75"W x 8.25"H x 0.5"D
Weight: 0.5 lb